Matt Tinney Flo Tinney


A friend once said my wife, Nikki, is salt of the earth and I'm paprika. G'day, It's Matt here. I'm a working dad with two gorgeous kids, Florence and Vance, a beautiful wife, Nikki, and a mischievous cavoodle, Harry.

My parents reckon when I was a kid I asked too many questions and hardly slept. Turns out I found the perfect job! As the Perth Correspondent for Channel 7's Sunrise, my alarm goes off at 3am. I enjoy the mix of breaking news, heartwarming stories and laughs.

I was born in Melbourne, and came to Perth via Wollongong. I adore Western Australia's beauty - the beaches, the blue sky and the quokkas. 

My mum's family immigrated to Australia from Sicily, so it's no surprise I love pasta, music and growing vegetables in the front yard. 

Having Flo changed my life for the better. Now, I want to give back and try to make the world a better, kinder place for our sparkling little girl.