Travis Fitch: bad boy to good man


Episode 23

Travis Fitch: bad boy to good man

  • Duration: 36 minutes

  • Released: 8 October, 2019

Sometimes in life, we lose our way.

What does it take to get back on track? 

Travis Fitch grew up in what seemed to be a stable home. 

But when the family business hit the wall, his life spiralled out of control.


Angry and confused, Travis went off the rails, resorting to stealing.

A teacher told him he’d amount to nothing. 

But Travis turned his life around through music.


It doesn’t end there.

He formed the Perth-based charity 12 Buckets to help kids caught in the crossfire of life’s troubles. 

How do you go from bad boy to Good Samaritan? Let’s have a good chat with dad of three Travis Fitch, a man to inspire my son.